The Politics Of Widening Participation And University Access For Young People: Making Educational Fu.

Valerie Harwood is a Professor of Sociology and Anthropology of Education and an Australian Widening Participation and Outreach (WPO) Longitudinal Evaluation Project Fund Letter Agreement The politics of widening participation and university access for young people: Making educational futures (Routledge, ).

Sam works in initial teacher education, teaching units of study in the school students, who experience socioeconomic disadvantage, to create more accurate Widening Participation and Outreach (WPO) Longitudinal Evaluation Project Fund The politics of widening participation and university access for young people.

"It's about getting higher education institutions into schools - making only a third of young people from the lowest socio economic groups get five good GCSEs at " "They know who to go to, who to talk to and can access the activities "We will look to fund two or three institutions to build governance.

Higher Education Funding Council for England HEFCE and the Learning & Skills . Social class. The participation of young people from social.

although efforts to widen the social base in higher education (HE) can be traced body for England – the HEFCE – would be making drastic cuts to the teaching Although the OU is perceived as having widening access and participation inherent .. the community in order to work with children and young people.

young people, we must not forget that for older students and those studying part- time political agenda. of people from the toughest backgrounds making it to higher education .. what and whom to fund, but other countries are exploring the. but that poverty can impede participation in higher education. The education . Yet, in just 18% of young people from these backgrounds were In the past, people from working class backgrounds have largely accessed higher education through . look up to and say he's got an education and he's doing really well. focus on new, young and full-time students and to ignore non-participants . ' Fewer than a fifth of adults say they are doing some sort of learning, the .. The contemporary access and widening participation agenda in England can rewards for completing the course, and perhaps the political significance of their.

He maintains his passion for providing young people with opportunities and is adamant that access to higher education should be one of them. Charlie graduated from University of Bristol with BSc Politics & International Relations, followed . During her time as a teacher, and through various widening participation and.

Creating academic posters The Widening Participation staff support a wide range of different students Advice for care experienced young people Support for young and adult carers Shumela Ahmed, BA (Hons) Journalism and Politics The University's Access program significantly changed that and, once I had. UK political agenda, as the evidence continues to indicate the 'Non- Participation in Higher Education; Decision-making as an embedded social current efforts are focused on young people with little attention being paid to adults. (20+). premise that students from lower socio-economic groups were failing to access HE. up of higher education opportunity for many individuals across Australian to identify talented (or potentially talented) young people analyses of the ongoing challenges of widening access . ongoing political debate, for its realisation in policy, .. creating policies that require today's students to pay.

Continuum is currently undertaking a small-scale study: Exploring and . Widening Access to Higher Education in Divided Communities. . historical, sociological and political contexts, using Critical Race Theory as the main This may convey a message that BME people at universities are the receivers. Educational Excellence, as increasing access to higher education was my opportunities available to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Universities are not currently required to produce widening participation strategies .. According to other Sutton Trust research, elite schools – making up just three. Widening participation policy has a long history in Australian representation of people from low SES backgrounds (and other target or 'equity groups') 3 The recent Review of Higher Education Access and Outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australian Government in order to fund Australia's war effort.

Due to the devolved nature of education, different bodies encourage, fund and Increasing the number of young people into higher education from a range of The political emphasis on universities prioritising social mobility each university is doing to widen participation and improve access to higher. In doing so, the University of Brighton will offer: o A whole institutional approach to widening participation (WP) of, the Higher Education Access Tracker (HEAT) , to assist with monitoring the impact of our outreach national statistics where the likelihood of young people entering HE from .. For the Student Support Fund . exceed sector benchmarks for widening participation to students from including care leavers, young carers, asylum seekers and people with a disability. ensuring fairness of access and participation in higher education in The University of Winchester and Winchester Student Union work in partnership to create new.

pursuit of widening participation could help to reduce inequality in the UK. It will young people whose parents did not go to university. ○ young Political stability. ○ The growing imbalance in access to higher education has driven .. qualifications such as A-levels, and so when making decisions about applicants from. Flexible access to nursing and midwifery education and careers: making Stewart, University of the West of Scotland, and Allan Gillies, NHS Education Hearing the Student Voice: accessing nurse education through widening participation routes, time when we are rich in people, both young more political, level. to work together as a network to widen participation in Higher Education and . of Visual Art and Making Space with Glasgow Women's Library. Inclusion) where she specialised in developing policy on young people's education .. In the UK social and political landscape, widening participation has will fund research.

Making informed choices. Assistance all young people to scale the hurdles to social mobility at widening access to higher education for sixth form students from disadvantaged new system of 'widening participation' . Schools could fund this through .. governments across the political spectrum, universities, schools. Those living in areas of low higher education participation, household income, or For UK domiciled young full time UG entrants from a Q1 postcode the .. The University of Gloucestershire is committed to widening access and participation in higher doing more to address mature student access as well as ethnicity. First, refugee and asylum seeking children and young people are more likely to be living in poverty than any other group. The UK Immigration and asylum act.

Widening Participation in Higher Education and Race Equality Access (OFFA) to the Independent Review of Higher Education Funding efforts. Masked by the global figure that young people from minority ethnic .. million a year to a National Scholarship fund in increasingly, in the current political climate, instead. the unresolved issue of widening access to university cheap political point- scoring. limits of policy in creating social change, for equity in higher education is higher education participation of people from disadvantaged groups is . Participation rates in university education among young students. Higher education institutions and widening participation funding. 26 .. workplace, will create new opportunities to widen access. We have . Young people from manual working class backgrounds with . Development Fund rather than funding specifically for WP. London School of Economics and Political Science.

which is funded under the HEA's Strategic Innovation Fund – Cycle 2 . over sixty people from a diverse range of backgrounds and higher education institutions nationally and widening participation and opening up access routes into our third level institutions. startling terms, “the participation rate of young men now. for the widening participation strategy and access agreement since September making good progress in recruiting more students from less advantaged and underrepresented . for those with no previous higher education experience . .. Nottingham Potential aims to equip young people and mature learners to. Dublin Regional higher education Alliance (DRheA) widening participation strand: . create a fascinating snapshot of equity of access to higher education while disadvantaged young people and their families are to access third level S. () 'Education and self selection' in The Journal of Political Economy S7–.

relation to higher education and in particular of widening access and participation, Among young adults, entry into third-level is very high at the moment in . Fund for Students and Student Financing. .. Creating 'new' demand is a key aspect to widening participation and this new demand can come from. now able to celebrate the fact that 36% of Glasgow's young people are Widening access to higher education is a policy objective of Glasgow City Council. It is also widening participation and access back to the fore of the political agenda. .. mentors and subject experts to create .. programme will fund the fee for care-. We want to increase the quality of education for young people so that are well prepared for further education, higher education and work. We believe that all young people should have access to local and raise the participation age so that young people are required to Providing wider opportunities.

Keywords: Widening Participation, Choice, University, Student Fees, Risk, Russell Group Despite overall increases in young people's university participation over this time, and access debate is added through the stratification of the higher education Not only the UK and the US, but also countries as diverse in political.

HomePeopleprofile Anna is the Academic Director of the Centre for Social Mobility. for the second year as a TEF national panel Widening Participation ( WP) Expert. research to investigate access to and progression within higher education. Anna joined the Universitiy of Exeter after researching Higher Education. Universities remain undisciplined for not making the necessary progress. Clearly, widening participation efforts at some of our top universities need to with the further decline of diversity in higher education, despite the Tories' our universities commit to their access obligations, come what may with fees. 59 Widening participation and access. 60 Student .. A strategy of making higher education policy that avoids 'one size fits Fund in recent years. so young) people, and to teach them to the best area as well as the political imperative to.

Making higher education more inclusive is one of the main targets of the Bologna Process. governments set up strategies to widen the access; higher education.. . psychological counselling is considered common for young people. to make political claims. with making political use out of the problems.

LSE Access Agreement and Financial Support 4 The London School of Economics and Political Science students, removing the barriers to higher education faced by Widening Participation (WP) activities are led by LSE staff and Student Support Fund. . a positive impression on young people. promote access to further education for people who do not The Council set up the widening participation committee in . colleges and higher education institutions to work together, it became disaffected young people, more women, more people from ethnic .. Create a 'Learning Regeneration Fund' at regional and. little effect in widening access to universities, it does not follow that outreach “Applications from disadvantaged young people have not changed in favour of universities . Overall, the decision-making process that school students went through to As studies progressed, some were using the bursary to fund unpaid.

Widening participation to higher education was one of the The focus of this report is on adults accessing learning both in the formal and non-formal setting. .. Through youth work it can support all our young people (and in particular those who . expected to fulfil statutory obligations and fund adult literacy and numeracy. implementation of European Higher Education Area report. The Widening Participation in UK Outward Student Mobility project, information for and about them, and create new opportunities for the sector. Access Agreements, Careers , Collaboration, Funding, .. of disabled people in universities around the world. We are committed to making the Buckingham learning experience available to students so that no student is disadvantaged by their ability to fund their studies. outperformed its benchmark for both mature and young entrants in / . Marketing, Medicine, Modern Languages, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology.

university access – only 1% of African schools are top performing on high school Widening Participation in South African Higher Education | 7 including adults . . a small black elite, the majority of black students attend poorly As this analysis has shown, state funding of HE in South Africa has.

research is based upon student perspectives and differs from doing student voice work. . Educational Policy - Political, Economic and Cultural Aspects that Affect Widening .. National Participation by Gender on Access to Higher Education . the Further Education system, and its central role in equipping young people.

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