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Amateur radio repeater database for ham repeaters in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Worldwide Amateur Radio Repeater Database. Amateur Radio's most comprehensive, worldwide, FREE repeater directory. Tower. You can help keep  Radio Repeaters - Repeater Database - Proximity Repeater Search - User Profile. Amateur Radio Ham Radio Repeaters by State The information on this page represents amateur ham radio repeater locations displayed via Google maps.

Radio Repeaters / Transponders / D-Star / IRLP database. (version 18 march ).

American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is the national association for amateur radio, As a result, we can no longer accept Directory information through this web page. Check to see if your repeater is listed with RFinder at

The only worldwide amateur radio repeater directory. Supports Android, iPhone, web, RT Systems, CHIRP. GPS enabled. AvMap, Garmin, TomTom. Updates of the repeater directory occur quarterly in early March, June, P P25 and DMR users can register for a DMR-MARC radio ID in. We are now: The Online Repeater Directory of ARRL The Official Repeater Directory of RAC Canada The Official Repeater Directory App of RSGB UK.

RepeaterBook - The World's Free Repeater Directory App *** Now . This is a must need if you are a ham radio operator or just listening to your scanner! I could.

NESMC Database Search Search the NESMC database for repeater listings. You can search and sort by any of the selectable parameters below. IMPORTANT.

Welcome to the Arizona Repeaters Directory serving the great state of on duty when it came to ham radio repeaters and frequency data.

Repeaters are found mainly in the VHF six meters (50—54 MHz), "repeater pairs", and in the ham radio community most follow ad. Repeaters are used on the amateur radio bands to enable portable, mobile The repeater offset is the difference between the output and input frequencies. The BC Amateur Radio Coordination Council has compiled a list of repeater frequencies used in British Columbia. Please click on the region you are interested.

About the Directory: New England Repeater Directory (NERD) is the most accurate and up to date amateur radio repeater database available in our region. The ARRL Repeater Directory (Pocket-size) Find it FASTER! Now by City and I love this repeater directory, I am a Ham Radio Operator, use it when I travel. AMATEUR RADIO and. COMPUTER SHOW. SUNDAY - SEPTEMBER 25, - 8 AM to 2 PM. CUYAHOGA COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS - BEREA, OHIO.

This is a listing of U.S. Area Amateur Radio Repeaters. If you know of a repeater that is NOT on this map, please email [email protected]

The ARRL/RFinder directory is now available. community service through the usage of Amateur Radio and Amateur Repeaters. The Directory tab allows you to sort the Amateur repeaters in Missouri in a number of ways. Amateur Radio Ham Radio Repeater Map Amateur Radio Ham Radio Repeater in Google Maps. Research conveniently organized Amateur Radio Repeater Groups material. Learn more at Best of the Web. Explore recreational diversions and leisure.

19 Dec - 9 min - Uploaded by N1QQ Tyler, N7TFP, shows you how to make your first contact using a local 2 meter VHF repeater.

This site is available to Hams looking for information about repeaters in Alaska, as well as giving Alaska Repeater Owner/Trustees an easy way to keep their. An interactive, searchable database of U.S. Ham Radio Repeaters and Broadcast Transmitters. Repeater Directory access is provided through four indexes: City County Quadrant . Digital Mobile Radio. DStar. FUSION Amateur TV Analog. Amateur TV.

The Western Pennsylvania Repeater Council (WPRC, Inc.), coordinates amateur radio repeater systems, control and link frequencies, endorses bandplans.

Amateur Radio Repeaters in Colorado. This page contains confirmed amateur radio repeaters in Colorado. Please submit any confirmed information that you. Here are the frequencies and tones needed to use these machines: Amateur Radio repeaters are playing a large part in the growth of the hobby and the. Repeater Associations Ontario Clubs/Repeaters New York Clubs/Repeaters Online Repeater Directories VE3KBR in Kingston is open to all Amateurs. There is.

Louisville Area Repeater Directory, Louisville Amateur Radio Repeaters, Kentucky Amateur Radio Repeaters, Louisville Ham Radio Repeaters. The repeater began life as part of the Capital Amateur Radio Society. located on the tower . and as primary and secondary simplex frequencies. Texas VHF-FM Radio repeater locations and frequencies in the Amateur Radio Service are coordinated in Texas by the Texas VHF/FM Society.

This is a directory of Boston-area repeaters (including but not limited to the BARC machines) for area hams who are setting up HTs for the first time, or visitors to.

Western Washington Section Amateur Radio Clubs Extensive List Search Page (nice). Worldwide Repeater Directory Smartphone APP.

The Arkansas Repeater Council coordinates amateur radio repeater frequencies in the state of Arkansas. We utilize available data from our own database.

The Eastern Arizona Amateur Radio Society was founded in October of , with the purpose of uniting the Amateurs in Southeastern Arizona and.

We have retired the WARN database of repeaters. It originally provided information about amateur radio repeaters in the WARN coverage area and beyond. The master list of HF/VHF repeaters is maintained by VU2LBW at this link. A convenient Google Maps representation of the repeaters across India is also. Amateur Radio Repeater Map for Utah. Thanks to the The Utah VHF Society for providing the data for this map. See the same data in list form.

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sh / openwrt-bamateur-radio-mods Documentation on how to setup various forms of our amateur radio DSTAR repeater, Simple repeater directory. It contains a basic description of a ham radio repeater, how to use it properly . On the 2 meter ham band these frequencies are kHz (or kilohertz) apart. RepeaterBook is an online repeater directory that started in as HWHam. com. If you have these programs to program your radios, you can pull repeater information from the ETH - The Parrot of Amateur Radio.

Alabama · Montana · Alaska · Nebraska · Arizona · Nevada · Arkansas · New Hampshire · California · New Jersey · Colorado · New Mexico · Connecticut · New .

FARC & Other Area Repeaters The Frederick Amateur Radio Club operates Fri, Feb 8Caribbean Emergency and - kHzFri, Feb 8Intercontinental Net - MHzFri, Feb 8FARG 10 - 11 Friday Net - Echolink Node or Your repeater directory will list the offset and direction. Most radios will default to the standard offset but you may have to select + or – offset. First, I'll make a few comments on FM repeaters. Repeaters generally sit in one location and on one pair of frequencies, providing radio.


Coordination of these repeaters doesn't mean they are necessarily on the air yet, but have been coordinated to use these frequencies when ready. holiday season, and are looking forward to a filled with great times with amateur radio. Repeater Frequency Coordination for the Amateur Radio Service in Iowa. Menu Coordinated Repeaters by City – August (PDF) · List by City Excel File – Directory by City _07_20 Repeater directory as of August The MHz WA4TFZ Charlottesville repeater is back on the air after its scan capabilities it is easy to monitor several frequencies at the “same” time.

The Amateur Radio Relay Group (ARRG) (K7RPT) was incorporated by the State of Oregon in The ARRG K7RPT Repeaters are highlighted in yellow.

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We have the most up-to-date amateur radio repeater listings (updated by you, our No repeater directory can be % up-to-date, but we believe this one is.

Standalone Systems, Ragchew Repeaters (W7TA). Reno, Sparks, We thank Dave for his support and generosity to the Amateur Radio Community.

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