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[quote]"Operation Tandem Thrust" is a map for Desert Combat. It is a large map with a wide selection of hardware, and wide open plains for tank battles, while.

19 Nov - 31 min - Uploaded by PEJEVERDE PRODUCCIONES battlefield mod desert combat final map el alamein. PEJEVERDE PRODUCCIONES.

26 Oct - 8 min - Uploaded by PEJEVERDE PRODUCCIONES Battlefield mod desert combat final map axes. PEJEVERDE PRODUCCIONES. Loading. Battlefield Modifications > Desert Combat > Maps Modifications > Desert Combat > Maps DC Battle of 73 Eastings It's all out war with the battle to secure. Title says it all. These were some really awesome maps that the DC Devs never included in the full mod release for whatever reason.

Desert Combat Maps GREAT ONES! - A guy by the name of MH Greenbud has been spending countless hours making superb Desert Combat.

Download Desert Combat Final - Coop Map Collection. This collection of 3 maps is based on the former map. How do I add more Desert Combat Maps? A word to the wise ain't necessary - it's the stupid ones that need the advice. Chazy_Chaz_ID. RU. Maps for Battlefield - Desert Combat (BF:DC) Maps for Battlefield - Desert Combat. Add Map ยท Add Map Category. Grid; List; Classic. None found. Filters.

Desert Combat (DC) is a mod for the first-person shooter (FPS) computer game Battlefield , created by Trauma Studios. DC features many new weapons and new Conquest and Capture the flag Maps. Refine results Found 0 results. 4 have been filtered out. Currently filtering by: categories. (Clear filters). Refine by categoryClear selection. Battlefield ; Maps. 1 time it let me in but I even reinstalled desert combat and I watched the installation extract all the maps and all the maps are in the folder they.

I downloaded some new Desert Combat maps and they are zip files. Where do I extract them to?. PM CST 7/9/ Thank you for downloading "DC Umm Qasr Harbor" for Desert Combatd! This (DC Umm Qasr Harbor) is a work in. This is a pack of five air training maps for Desert Combat Extended. The maps have anywhere from 37 to 90 spawning vehicles and are.

For the most part you'll be playing on the original BF maps, and Desert Combat takes DICE's original achievement up a notch though.

Whenever I load up a game a Map vote window pops up and I cant get rid of it. Its dead center of the screen covering everthing up. CLicking the.

The unit can also play a limited light artillery role in some maps where he is equipped with the mortar launcher. Sniper: Just like before. If you like to camp out . hey everyone, i decided to buy battlefield and get the desert combat mod onto it, but it crashes every time I try to load a map. It get's about. I would be absolutely ecstatic if they remade some of the DC maps for BF3. For those who don't know, Desert Combat was a modern combat.

DC Global Front is a mini-mod for the legendary Desert Combat mod Some of the DC/vanilla 42 maps have been renamed and reworked to. The second installment in our second series of Memoir '44 Battle Maps offers two new decks of Combat cards along with 6 pre-printed standard scenarios and 2. This is a tricky map to play, and there are two main combat zones. A huge This presidio located in the desert sands is an ideal setting for an.

Has anyone noticed any crashes trying to run any of the "water" maps in Desert Combat? I can run all the other maps at settings of bots at.

Version der Battlefield Modifikation Desert Combat Extended (DCX). 68+ playable maps most supporting all mods of play. CQ,Coop.

Jim saw that there was suddenly no COOP server for desert combat? So he decided to make capable DC final maps COOP/SP, DC not. DOWNLOADED OVER TIMES!!! Release Version at (First release was. 3) this is a pretty bug free release. Meaning that no one has found any bugs so. 57 results Download free Desert Combat coop maps maps levels for Battlefield All maps, levels, addons for free download for Battlefield

This category is a list of the multiplayer maps featured in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.

TPU map pack #1 (Midway, El Alamein, Kharkov, and Bocage) Desert Combat Final downloads (required for playing DCFinal on the TPU.

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