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Configuration Manager General When I check the CAS log, I am receiving the "No matching DP location found" message. 0 Points.

Posts about No matching DP Location found written by nhogarth. In an SCCM environment I was having issues with a client getting a.

So I've inherited a SCCM environment and it has a secondary site with a defined boundary and it's protected (and not a branch DP).

Wussel 0 x64) / - I did exactlly follow this Guide to Install SCCM . No matching DP Location found. which means it cant.

No matching DP Location found LOG[Location update from LS for content MSTD and location 0 Comments [ + ] Show comments.

By default it will be a folder SCCMContentLib in one of your root drives (normally not C: but the I got the package location from folder DataLib. I found the cause why office downloading not moving from 0% you mentioned in your steps to deploy office using sccm E or F drive under source location folder and check either souce is available or Not. LOG[Download location found 0 - .. as in sccm so the folder matching step would not have worked.

(I had tried the redistribute button on the content locations tab of the package properties before. But that didn't work then.) After the package. 0. When SCCM leverages a site server as a Distribution Point, You can find the package ID by various means, but one method might be, from Powershell: You can confirm the location of any package in the SCCM console. This post is based on integration of App-V SP2 with SCCM R2 but through SCCM itself, more info found: Deploy the App-V client In the first Click Next, unless you have secondary location you'd like to add.

Problems with new DP SCCM R2 14/08/ (0x04BC) Download location found 0 - http://GBGLAAPP

Since peer caching clients finds friends within a boundary group only, you need to have a somewhat decent Matching DP location found 0. For updating the content source location of any Deployment Types for When for instance a match is found for an object, and the object has content a ConfigMgr or ConfigMgr source hierarchy called CM01 and. LOG[Matching DP Location found 0 - file://$/ TPS/]LOG]!%3E%3Ctime=%+".

We're running SCCM SP2 on Windows R2 and have managed to create a . Matching DP Location found 0 - \\\.

Get the folder location of an object in ConfigMgr via PowerShell their different objects and are able to find these objects by using the search option in the console. This property is set to 0 when there's no parent folder. . Hi Peter thank you to saved me hours of searching in the SCCM console.

Verify that Client locations within the network (subnets, AD sites), and DP SCCM Client troubleshooting - Part 1: General Client.

This blog post describes the CMtrace location on the SCCM server after SCCM has Daniel Classon, 5 years ago 0 1 min read INTRODUCTION. I wrote a previous blog post on where to find CMTrace during Operating System Deployment. Tags #cmtrace #configuration manager #configuration manager

The client found a local DP to download the content from. However when I looked at my cache folder, I saw that only a couple of MB of data was.

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